SMART Logistics Centre Venlo has a unique overall concept in which businesses work together with the government and educational and research institutions so that the logistics region of North Limburg in the Netherlands can expand to become a key European logistics hub. Currently, there are about 200 stakeholders participating, most of which come from the logistics sector.

SMART Logistics Centre Venlo wants to strengthen its position as Key European Logistics Hub:

  • Central link between the major logistics ports and the European consumer market due to excellent multimodal accessibility
  • Excels in transport and warehousing
  • Innovative climate oriented towards high-quality, time-critical, and sustainable logistics
  • Strong in managing cargo and information streams
  • State-of-the-art logistics training and education
  • Continuous increase of qualified personnel at all levels
  • A mix of headquarters/branches of European logistics service providers, strong SMEs, and spin-offs from the top of the logistics market

Within SMART Logistics Centre Venlo, parties unite to optimally facilitate existing logistics companies and those still to be established in regards to the topics infrastructure, labour market & education, innovation, and acquisition, PR, & branding. Businesses take the lead.