The North-Limburg region excels in warehousing and logistics. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of international logistics service providers have chosen to locate in this region. Furthermore, the region has healthy and prestigious logistics SMEs. This combination of companies encourages an innovative environment and a strong economic framework for a key logistics hub where businesses want to locate. The region of North Limburg focuses on the European logistics of:

  • Electronics & FMCG
  • E-fulfilment
  • Fashion & lifestyle
  • Food, fresh, & flower

European hotspot

Recently, the region of North Limburg has repeatedly been proclaimed a logistics hotspot. as well as Collier, Prologis, and JLL proclaimed the region to be the most desirable place to locate due to the following factors:

  • Virtually at the coast due to outstanding multimodal accessibility
  • Strategic location for international distribution in the centre of the ‘blue banana’
  • Logistics hotspot and the Netherland’s third largest logistics hub, after Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Large numbers of logistics companies, both small and large, and a healthy mix of SMEs and large internationals
  • Ample large sites available
  • Sufficient logistics real estate available
  • Highly-developed continental infrastructure (road, waterway, and railway networks)
  • International airports close by

Lowest landed costs

The location in the ‘blue banana,’ with its high level of urbanization and large consumer markets, and the multimodal infrastructure form the basis for favourable logistics costs. In combination with the positive business conditions, this results in a region with the lowest landed costs. It is ideally suited to the establishment of logistics businesses due to the following factors:

  • Vast market reach; 30 million consumers within a 100-kilometre radius
  • Favourable land prices and rental prices
  • Multimodal infrastructure makes it possible to use the most favourable modality to and from the warehouse
  • Beneficial fiscal conditions
  • The necessary customs facilities are present
  • Flexible labour market

100% logistics DNA

Because of the proximity to the Dutch-German border, logistics has played an important role in the region of North-Limburg for many years. As a result, knowledge of logistics is well accounted for as well as knowledge of the Dutch, German, and English languages. We could say that logistics is in our DNA:

  • The presence of renowned logistics educational institutions at all levels of post-secondary education
  • Logistics Centre of Expertise (KennisDC Logistiek)
  • Sufficient qualified personnel at all levels
  • Stable business climate